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intro ♚ september

WELCOME TO Grantebrycge

We’ve all had those dreams: you wake up on a table, to blurry, ominous images and the certainty that you are absolutely buck-naked in a room full of strangers. This is not quite it.

Instead, you come awake to the sun on your face. The soft burble of water nearby. The hustle and bustle of a busy street and the faint, fortifying smell of bread. You open your eyes and there’s no one there at your bedside, but there is what appears to be the end of the world happening just beyond your window.

There’s a crack in the world across the sky, the “sun” is the totally unnatural light spilling from that crack straight into your eyes, and someone’s left a neatly pressed and folded uniform at the foot of the bed that isn’t yours. Somewhere in the room, there’s a strange clatter like beads, the click of claws on the floor.

Something’s in here with you.

Also, you are naked.

ONE Video Killed The Radio Star
Rise and shine, Heroes. It seems that today is filled with good fortune as the morning is very uneventful, aside from the monthly arrival of new comrades. This is the perfect time to grab your weapon, Carrier and uniform and use your time to look around Caissa. While exploring or catching up on the latest gossip, you might blow past the delivery carriages outside of the Hall of Glory, but you certainly won’t be missing the steampunk televisions and vending machines which will be set up around noon time by your lovely maids and butlers! The TVs are placed in every single bedroom as well as leisure rooms so you can enjoy your daily fix of popular cooking show Inferno Kitchen, primetime Cheoksan drama Summer Cantata or the Gammonian hit series Sport of Crowns! The vending machines can be found in the hallways and contain snacks and drinks such as canned mackin’ cheese (or as Noirs like to call it, Lovekraft Supper), Pooky, Cpt. Pepperoni, Mountin' Do, or Eight Up. You are free to come up with your own TV show or vending machine food items.

Thierry Toussaint
My dearest Heroes! I hope today finds you well, and for once I bring good news! [ he laughs a little sheepishly. he’s dressed less formally than in previous somber declarations and his hair looks windblown, like he ran here ] As you well know, our recent victories and mostly importantly, a successful alliance with Gammon has brought no small amount of blessings: we have more resources, better manpower, and the invaluable help of our Gammonian colleagues not just in war, but also in advancing our civilization!

And so it is my pleasure to unveil our new and improved broadcast technology[ a pause, where he winks ] —do I look clearer to you? It’s a little harder to tell from this end, I’m afraid. You’ll be able to receive better, brighter and more varied content from our country’s talented producers. Oh…

[ another, longer pause. teddy looks offscreen and then laughs ]

I’m not getting paid for this, I promise. I don’t need any other motivation to be excited for my country, do I? In addition to the television programs, we will be helping with the release of newly developed vending machine technology that brings fresh and healthy snacks to the streets of our capital, and hopefully, beyond. It would be nice to have one for my office.

I’ve mentioned our Gammonian friends, haven’t I? And I’ve saved the best for last: as a token of the friendship between our countries and all that we can do for each other, Gammon has assisted us in completing Platform 40— … 42 and 5/8ths, an instantaneous portal between our very own Caissa and Cochrane. I look forward to even more cultural and commercial exchange from all the way across the Rokirovka Ocean!

And ah, speaking of exchange—the Platform has been completed just in time for you, dear Heroes. Gammon has actually extended another invitation to you: as national and international icons and users of magic, they would like you to visit their school of magecraft, Pigeonsblood, in Grant— Grant… [ … ] You will be able to reach the school easily through the Platform!

Pigeonsblood’s Headmaster has assured me that you would be a great inspiration to their incoming class of aspiring mages; I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity. Gammon’s knowledge and mastery of magic, as you may have seen during your previous visits, is nothing to take lightly! And if you like what you see, I’m told Gammon would be happy to sponsor classes for Heroes at the school. I’m sure they want to keep the inspiration flowing, hm?

Thank you once again, all of you, for making such wonderful things possible. I’m sure your achievements will continue to open doors, both metaphorically and literally, for Blanc and for yourselves.

Meet up with your chums, old and new, and head over to Caissa’s train station. Once there, locating the Platform 42 and 5/8ths is an easy feat. There are two guards standing watch and they will stop curious civilians from sneaking past them. They will only let Heroes use the Platform and as such require proof of identification. A Hero’s uniform, rank badge or a passport identifying yourself as such should do the trick. As the platform functions as one of Gammon’s checkpoints, you will need to pay a small fee of 200 colle to pass. Should you be a new arrival, the Prime Minister will suddenly show up and pay the fee.

Where’s the portal, you might ask? Take a deep breath, walk through the wall between the guards and you’ll find yourself in Cochrane! Heroes might experience some sudden vertigo or a near insatiable hunger for pork. Very minor side effects vary from person to person.

In order to reach Grantebrycge, Heroes must travel from Cochrane to Friedgood and then a little ways further. They are free to make this journey by foot, mount or train. Directions to Grantebrycge are vague but you can’t miss the landmark of the Great Face Cliff, a monument depicting the faces of the towns’s founding members. Poobin and Cemron seem especially stern as they glare down at anyone who dares to visit.

TWO Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!
Upon entering Grantebrycge, Heroes will be immediately be ambushed by swarms of eager students from Pigeonsblood’s welcoming committee. This committee consists of upperclassmen from each of the Four Branches - Achroite, Prehnite, Bixbite, and Citrine, and they are dressed in uniforms in their Branch color (pictured here in the Bixbite red). Officially, they’re here to help you learn more about Pigeonsblood, give you a tour of the campus, and show you what each Branch can offer you so that you can make an educated decision about which to enroll in. Unofficially, they’re there to try to talk you into enrolling into their particular Branch and some will ramble on about how their Branch is the best while others fight amongst each other to try to get your attention.

Once the tour is finished, the committee will lead Heroes to the administration building. There, they’ll part with you to attend to other duties, leaving you with a reminder to head to the center plaza in an hour for the freshman orientation party. Heroes can enroll in classes if they so choose and have made a decision as to which Branch is the best for them. It’s recommended as it’s free, courtesy of Gammon. If they enroll in classes, they will receive their class schedule, a permit for a uniform, and a key to their dorm room. Head to the university shops later to have them take your measurements!

NOTE: The rooming and class schedule are up to player discretion. If there is an official mission the professors will allow an absence - Heroes can’t save the world if they’re worrying about their GPA, after all!

For those who choose to not enroll in Pigeonsblood, they can explore the campus some more, but either way make sure to head down to the central plaza before the party!

THREE The Part Where They Rope You in with Free Food
Stepping into the center plaza puts you in the middle of excited back-to-school buzz. Several event booths line the plaza, all eager to get your attention. Some will try to recruit you to their school club. Others are simply there to provide information, such as maps of the school and information about the Four Branches. Still others get even more specific, headed by banners marked “THE TOTAL IDIOT'S GUIDE TO A SUCCESSFUL ACADEMY LIFE” and “GUIDE TO HAPPINESS: HOW TO NOT DIE DURING EXAMS”. A few generous booths will provide you with free food like “Splotted Richard” or “Bangers and Mash” to fill your tummy, as well as school merchandise, such as Branch-specific pens, face paint, flyswatters, and other bits of merchandise.

If those don't get your attention, the freshmen running your way definitely will. They're beyond excited to see a Hero among their ranks, and approach you eagerly, yelling things such as, “Did you enroll? Let's do our best together!”, “You're my inspiration! I hope we're classmates!” and “Please let me know if you need a tutor! I wouldn't mind…” Thankfully, their enthusiasm is brought to a stop by the welcoming committee, who make their way to the center plaza and hush the excited freshmen. After a heartwarming speech about youth and school spirit, the committee flashes their new classmates a bright smile and finishes with: “And now, it's time for some fun!”

What do they mean by fun? The freshmen are more than eager to demonstrate! Aside from the fun offered at the various booths, there are many magic games to partake in. There's “Splash Tag,” where players must use water magic in lieu of touch to play tag, “Air Races,” in which racers use psionic, gravity, or wind magic to boost their movement, “Hot Potato,” in which the temperature of the potato is increased with each pass until it explodes on the loser, and Illusion-based Pictionary.

A few steps away from the commotion, near where the welcoming committee made their speech, is a tall bulletin board. Various flyers are posted here-- club announcements, dating ads, tutoring offers, and of course, Pigeonsblood help wanted ads.

INFO Welcome!
Welcome to Crosscheck's Month intro log! For any further questions, please see the FAQ or reach us at the Contact Us page. Have fun!

Remember to check out the uniform contest for ranked Heroes!
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Sansa Stark | Game of Thrones

[personal profile] stonebird 2016-09-09 06:20 am (UTC)(link)

(She is rather flustered by events so far - and who could blame her? Awakening without a stitch and in the presence of an unknown Dire-Wolf would be enough to set anyone on edge. However the latter surprise wasn't - and isn't - totally unwelcome. She had thought she would never see a Dire-Wolf again.

At least not a female one.

This one is greatly reminiscent of Lady. How can she not enjoy her company on some level - even if her wariness has not abated in the slightest.)

Come. (Once she is dressed, she summons the wolf to her side and she is pleasantly surprised at the Carrier's diligence.) I feel better with your company, though I wish you could talk.

(With one hand on the Dire-Wolf's head, Sansa sets out, exploring the foreign landscape - and objects - with wide blue eyes and a pallor to her cheeks. A few times, she finds herself clutching her wolf's fur, but the lady doesn't seem to mind. In fact, her hand is kissed when it ventures near the great wolf's mouth and Sansa feels herself strengthened by the reminder that she is not alone. A piece of her home is right beside her.

After some time, she realizes where she is meant to go...)

We must go to the...train...station? (What is a train? Everyone seems so eager to help and she finds herself and her wolf pushed along. There is no time to breathe...)


(In Westeros, the nobility is schooled at home, usually. Sometimes children are sent to Septs, but more often than not, the noble families have a Septa of their own to teach their heirs, spares and ladies. Thus the idea of a school is very odd to Sansa and she looks utterly lost when she is surrounded by so many excitable students.)

I... Am I supposed to wear - (But it's so revealing! How can she?) Why are you separated into different Houses?

(More importantly...) I don't know why I'm here. I have completed my lessons; what more could I have to learn?

(She can manage a household, play the high harp, sing, write, embroider... With Jon, she is learning about tactics and what it takes to win battles... Surely that is quite enough!

Though, as she watches the students closer, she finds herself...curious. The Dire-Wolf at her side mimics her expression almost exactly and when Sansa glances down at her, she can't help laughing softly.)
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[Gilgamesh was, at his root, a predator. He had made great gains in Enprise, had become a kinder and overall better person because of the company around him, but nothing could change his inherent nature as such. That's why Sansa sticks out immediately to him; out of place, out of time, and an easy morsel to snap up.

Striding atop a massive griffon, Gilgamesh cuts into her thoughts with a gentle, reassuring voice that belies his intent:]

To the station, yes. And from there, a leap through the portal and a short ride to Grantebrycge.

[Gilgamesh trots a wide circle around her. Despite the size of the animal, he seems friendly, dark eyes trained curiously upon Sansa.]

I can guide you. You are quite close, in fact; it is but a few blocks from here.
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Ah hello! :D

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(Her vulnerability will not last for long. Westeros has taught her to don a shield when necessary and hide her fear and her insecurities. (It helps that her Dire-Wolf is nearly her height.)

She frowns at the tone, not trusting it.)

I have never encountered such terms. (Her wolf watches the griffon with sharp eyes, stance just as stiff as her lady's.)

I would appreciate the guidance. My name is Sansa Stark and I hail from Winterfell in Westeros.

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hello again...

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[Gilgamesh can tell at once both she and her Carrier are uneasy, so inviting her for a ride at this time wouldn't be a good idea. He tries to appear as relaxed as possible to relax her in turn; he stops the scouting motions and comes to rest beside her, at a reasonable distance that would not startle.]

I am called Gilgamesh, young Sansa. I hail from a land very far away that is likely not of interest to you.

[That may or may not have been purposely dangled as bait. He then adds:]

Dinoriel will show you the way. He is a big beast, but he means well. I promise you that he means no harm.
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:3 gentle, Gilgamesh.

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(She has never seen a griffon, so she isn't likely to wish to ride one right off the bat. However there is a spark in her eyes - interest? Intrigue? Dinoriel is a pretty mount and she glances at her wolf before cautiously stretching out her hand for him to sniff.)

I do not think you can make that assumption. A noble lady should know her geography. (And her territories.)

Forgive me, but... What is he? A bird? (No, more.) Lord Dinoriel, I mean you no harm and my lady, here, who is yet unnamed, does not mean you harm either. She listens to me very well.

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god that side eye is so perfect

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[ Behind Sansa is another child of nobility whose fiance also turned out to be a psychopath; she stands still in awe as she overhears what the other girl just said. ]

You graduated from Pigeonsblood?

[ Must befriend elite student...!! ]
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(They should make a club! Or not. One can only recall depressing fiancees so much.) (She blinks and bites her lip.) I mean my Septa fully trained me at Winterfell - my home.
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[ She says it like she's heard of the place, but... no. No idea where the eff that is, though it almost rhymes with Arendelle, which combined with the word "home", fills her with a nostalgic feeling. ]

It sounds... cold!

[ What gave it away? ]
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Well, yes. It is located in the North and we experience very little warm weather.

(Soon there will be none at all when true Winter comes.)

But Winterfell is built to withstand it and keep us warm.

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Oh, neat! Which house were you in? Was it a good one? I can't pick which to join...

[ elise is bouncing in place with unconstrained excitement, and she favors sansa with a bright grin when the other girl looks her way. ]
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House? I am from House Stark. (No, that isn't the answer Elise seeks, but it's the only House Sansa will willingly call her own.)

You are speaking of the Houses in the school? I have not chosen one yet.
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House Stark? Ummm, I didn't get an info packet on that one...but yeah, that's what I was talking about! You said you'd finished your schooling...I guess I misunderstood!

[ she laughs a little, unbothered by being mistaken. ]

I'm Elise of Nohr! How do you do?
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It is not one of the school Houses. (How does she explain?) There are Houses of nobility in Westeros; I am a member of one of them.

(She smiles faintly.)

I am Sansa Stark. I do well. How do you do?
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[ Yes, he had wondered the same himself. He already knew quite a lot. What more could they possibly have to teach him that he doesn't know already?

Then it turned out he was actually way behind on a few subject areas. He never imagined this place could be so much more advanced than his homeland... ]

More than you think. It's actually been a bit humbling how many subjects I never knew existed.

[ He doesn't like being clueless, so he's racing to catch up, learning as much as he can in this short while so he's not far behind his peers here. ]

Do you know how many forms of mathematics alone they have here? Far more than simple arithmetic.

[ And he had been an expert on mathematics. An expert on all the things. How could this be? Don't tell him he's the only one who didn't know this!! ]
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(It is not often in Westeros that she encounters someone with hair as bright - or brighter - than her own. She struggles to follow him, arching a brow.)

Mathematics? (What even? Sansa shakes her head slowly.) Is that some branch of magic?

(Yes, she is really this far behind. Save her.)

All of my lessons consisted of learning of the Seven and the seven kingdoms. I was trained to run a household, to read, to write, etiquette, embroidery... Oh and the high harp!
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[ ...well, he sees she spoke too soon about knowing everything. How could they teach this young lady all those things but neglect to teach her mathematics? Even the princesses of Hoshido were never lacking in basic education. ]

It's the study of numbers, quantity, change... addition, subtraction? None of these are familiar to you? My lady knows how to do all that, but she's also studied a wide variety of subjects beyond those.

[ Yes, he is tooting Lady Sakura's horn here, but she's quite deserving of it. ]

I don't think you should discredit school quite, yet. Your education does seem to be lacking.

[ If even someone like himself who is well learned in all types of things doesn't feel completely knowledgeable about everything this land had to offer then he can't imagine how far behind someone who hasn't spent their life studying every subject imaginable and training nearly every hour of the day since birth must feel. ]

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[After the rude (and nude) awakening this morning, Favaro has made a hasty retreat from the room he woke in and the two young women apparently sharing it. So later, while he's loitering close to the station and spots one of them being jostled by the crowd, at first he looks the other way quite on purpose. He doesn't need to get involved... The other one was waving glass shards around! Who knows what this one - who has a giant wolf at her side - could try to do.

He repeats this process - look away, reconsider, look again - several times, until he finally grumbles something frustrated to himself and turns to cut through the eagerly helpful group to her side. Let's try this without awkward nudity, this time.]

There you are! It's alright, folks, I'll show her the way from here. Thanks a bunch! Bye-bye!

[He's wearing the uniform, which is enough to give him some kind of air of knowing what he's talking about, so he's actually listened to for the most part. He puts a hand on her shoulder, speaking more quietly to her directly:] Come on, let's get past the welcome wagon.
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(She remembers him from the embarrassment that was her morning. (The sheet on her bed had been put to very good use - and quickly!) Her eyes narrow and she stiffens, wondering why exactly he is coming to her aid. At her side, Lyanna - otherwise known as the giant wolf - shows her teeth, eyes hard and wary.)

Were you looking for me? (As the people disperse, she frowns at him.) Do not be so familiar with me. I had no part in waking in the same room as you and being unclothed.

(But the more she thinks back on the situation, the more she realizes that this man might not be a threat at all.)

You left rather quickly. I...appreciate that.
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[Okay— he probably deserves that reaction, after this morning. Not that it was his fault, thank you very much giant wolf!! But as the only person in the room who had other concerns besides covering himself with a sheet - he had to put his damn leg on before the other girl started waving around sharp things - all of them are probably a little too familiar with him, in a manner of speaking.

Look, that isn't his fault either. He makes a face to something of this effect, like he's about to snap at her about how it wasn't his idea either!!]

[—Oh, she appreciates it? She really is just a lost kid, huh... His expression relaxes and he sighs, lifting his hand away from her shoulder to very obviously prove he's not being "so familiar," now that the people have spread out.]

That's me, a real gentleman... [huff] You looked like you were sick of being followed around, that's all.

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I believe it is a school for the magic of this word. [Syrlya leans over, glancing up from a list of classes and offers her a smile.] Even as familiar with magic as I am, I find myself overwhelmed by how different it is.
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(To say she is taken aback by Syrlya's appearance is likely putting it lightly. Sansa does her best not to offend and she returns the smile after a small pause.)

I have no experience with magic, so I'm afraid I do not know the differences. Does one need a gift to practice it?
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[personal profile] chronosynthesis 2016-09-11 02:20 am (UTC)(link)
Ah... it may, but it appears all of us Heroes brought here have the ability to tap into it just the same. I have met someone who has no magical capabilities in their world, but they excel at it here.

[He shrugs.] But the magic existing at all is a difference, isn't it?

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Sorry for the typo. D:

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but did video kill ned stark, that's the real question

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[There is a gait, a composition to the features that Laurent recognizes; it is a willingness to allow one's self to be buoyed along that is neither participatory or separate. In his short time here he has seen other new arrivals carried away by this world's strange activities- and he is hardly exempt from that. For all the finery and decoration of his capital city, Vere had no trains and the chaos of movement in the direction of the station is quick to swallow him up as well. Laurent moves with them, and he does not address her out of a desire to become her guide so much as he does with subtle curiosity. His own carrier is so small that she is concealed beneath the cuff of his shirt, wrapped around his wrist.]

You have quite the aide.

I would think that with just enough intention, your wolf might encourage some breathing room.
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it did not. She was there. Unless Ilyn Payne was hired as some weird tv host.

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(Lyanna could indeed make room - and some to spare - for herself and her mistress, but the carrier is bright enough to understand that Sansa does not want to cause a fuss or drive fear into the hearts of those who have - for the time being - seemed wholly innocent.)

More than I need, truthfully.

(Sansa lays a hand on the great wolf's head and nods faintly.)

Be gentle, Lyanna. (The wolf nudges people instead of barking or growling, giving them firm pushes with her nose.)
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there's a mental image

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[Perhaps it is her strange comfort with the creature that draws his eye. Her willingness to lay her naked palm on the wolf's head and the place where she might hesitate or flinch- where neither action comes to pass. In his experience, if one were to seek it out, there is a look to be found. It is something to the eyes, a fearlessness or emptiness, a point so dark that nothing else can hope to penetrate.

No... he suspects it would take a great deal to frighten a girl like this. What horrors could the world possibly have left to surprise her with.

Laurent's head lifts, awareness turned towards the crowd and adjusting his pace accordingly.]

She is a shape you recognize.

right? /shudder

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